The department imparts services to the women considering their gynaecological and reproductive needs in a dedicated and compassionate manner. Headed by Professor Dr. Shashi Prateek, fellow in Endoscopy (Australia) & M.Ch. training (from Liverpool, U.K), Ex. President of Association of Obst. & Gyane Delhi (AOGD), has 30 years of teaching experience and more than 100 publications in renowned International, National and State journals and with a team of enthusiastic and experienced faculty members, the department aims in providing highest quality of patient treatment with greatest emphasis on patient safety.
Extensive lectures, demonstrations, clinical postings, seminars, case presentations are tools used for undergraduate and post graduate teaching. Focus on research work, thesis project and collaborative training with Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Radiology and paediatrics departments are part of curriculum of post graduate students. Along with this every measure is taken to improve their surgical skills simultaneously.

The objectives of department:
The major objectives of the department are to provide high quality treatment is all phases of a women’s life, be it adolescence, child bearing or post menopausal. Along with this, it also aims that at the end of the teaching course, student shall be able to contribute as an useful addition to the society, whether as a basic doctor or a specialist.