"When observation is concern, Chances favors only prepared mind"
-Louis Pasteur

Department of Microbiology is a perfect blend of Academic, Diagnostic & research activities. The faculty actively participates in teaching & corrective evaluation of both undergraduate & Post-graduate students throughout the year, by means of Lectures, Practical demonstrations, tutorials & periodic evaluation of students. The department has a very strong diagnostic clinical microbiology set up, actively monitored by the faculty in charge of each section. They are also actively carrying out research activities in their respective fields of interest in Microbiology. Currently the department is headed by the able guidance of Professor Dr (Maj) Molly Madan.

In 2008 the MCI granted first batch of post graduate students to the department of Microbiology by starting M.D. course and first admission of post-graduate student was done in June 2009. The first batch of MD Microbiology passed successfully in June 2012 and the degree is recognized by MCI as per letter no MCI-77(22) 2012-Med. The other new courses started are M.Sc., Ph.D. (Medical Microbiology).

The department has organized several seminars, CME, and workshops; such as on “Hospital Associated Infections”, sponsored by ICMR New Delhi, in 2009, on “Automation in Microbiology”, in 2010 and workshop on immunology under the aegis of IAMM in 2011. From time to time various eminent speakers of international repute have visited the department for guest lectures like Prof S. C. Parija, JIPMER, Prof J. C. Samantray, AIIMS and Prof Usha Baveja, HIV consultant WHO. Recently the department has successfully conducted the state level meet of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists –IX UP MICROCON 2013 on 9th February, 2013. The conference was been granted accreditation by UP Medical Council and was attended by over 250 delegate and renowned resource persons from all over the country.

List of Conferences / Workshop organized by Department of Microbiology

S.No Date Name of the event
1 1st Apr 2016 International Workshop on Infection Control Challenges : A prerequisite for NABH Accreditation
2 9th Dec 2014 Exhibition on Strengthening Infection Control Network
3 7th & 8th April 2014 Prudent use of Antimicrobials & Infection Control
4 9th Feb 2013 UPMICROCON- 2013
5 1st Dec 2010 World AIDS Day
6 1st Dec 2009 World AIDS Day

At present the department is well equipped with almost all the advanced facilities for diagnostics and research work in clinical Microbiology like:

  • Automated culture system for blood
  • Automated bacterial identification and sensitivity system
  • Automated and conventional TB culture system (The Mycobacteriology Laboratory of Subharti medical College is also a National certified diagnostic Laboratory for MDR TB diagnosis under RNTCP )
  • Line Probe Assay for MDR-TB detection and XDR TB Detection•
  • PCR (Nested) System
  • Real Time PCR
  • Virology laboratory with continuous cell line and inverted microscope
  • Immuno-Flourescent microscope.

The department has a state of Art 24 x7 ISO:15189/2012 NABL accredited Microbiology laboratory that is attached to the hospital with nine section in it.

A. Bacteriology Laboratory: Over last year this laboratory has processed 19060 Clinical Samples. The following test on routine basis

1. Aerobic bacterial culture and sensitivity 2. Anaerobic bacterial culture and sensitivity 3. Gram’s Stain 4. Albert’s Stain 5. Automated blood culture and sensitivity 6. Automated bacterial identification and sensitivity system 7. Bacteriology of Water

The laboratory is also equipped with advanced automated system like Bact/Alert 3D Machine for automated Blood culture and culture of Mycobacterium from any sample. Along with it, it is also employing conventional methods for quality control and academic purpose. The laboratory has the necessary reference strains to carry out the tests in routine and for research purposes.

B. Serology Laboratory:This laboratory has processed 8278 Clinical sample in last year and does following test on routine basis of all required samples.

1. ASO (Quantitative) 2. CRP (Quantitative) 3. Widal (Quantitative) 4. RA factor (Quantitative) 5. RPR (VDRL) 6. TPHA

Besides the routine equipments the lab is equipped with automated system like Turbidimetry (ARC) machine, Nephalometer for accurate, quantitative and timely report.

C. Virology Laboratory: We have a fully equipped virology laboratory with continuous cell lines, inverted microscope and bio safety hood for academic activity .Besides that routine viral serology and fully automated ELISA reader and washer are performing following viral serology: Over last year this laboratory has processed 18544 Clinical Sample, and doing following test on routine basis of all required samples.

1. HBV parameters: HBsAg, HBeAg, Anti HBs-Antibody level 2. HBV viral load by qPCR 3. HCV serology 4. HCV viral load by qPCR 5. Dengue serology 6. Rubella IgG, IgM ELISA 7. Cytomegalovirus IgG and IgM ELISA 8. Herpes IgG and IgM ELISA 9. Tzank smear 10. Viral load detection :HBV,HIV,HCV

D. Parasitology Laboratory: Over last year this laboratory has processed 6598 Clinical Sample, and doing following test on routine basis of all required samples.

1. Peripheral blood smear for malaria 2. QBC for Malaria 3. Rapid diagnostic test for Malaria 4. Routine Stool examination 5. Stool examination by concentration method 6. Modified ZN staining of Stool for coccidian parasite 7. Blood for microfilaria 8. Smear for Leishmania 9. Toxoplasma IgG and IgM ELISA

E. Immunology: Immunology laboratory has processed 319 Clinical in last year. Following test on routine basis of all required samples:

1. Anti CCP and Anti TPO 2. Anti TTG 3. ANA by IFA 4. ANA profile 5. IgE quantitative level

The laboratory uses all the advanced technology for routine diagnosis and research projects and has standard machinery like Fluorescent Microscope, Dark ground Microscope, Phase contrast Microscope, Photographic Microscope with molecular backups.

F. Mycobacteriology Laboratory: The department of Microbiology, Subharti medical College has a state of art Mycobacteriology laboratory which is a National Certified Diagnostic Laboratory for MDR TB diagnosis under RNTCP. It is also affiliated with DOTS centre. This laboratory has processed 6038 Clinical Sample, and doing following test on routine basis of all required samples:

1. ZN staining of all clinical sample for pulmonary and extra pulmonary tuberculosis 2. Fluorescent Staining of all clinical sample for pulmonary and extra pulmonary tuberculosis 3. Mycobacterial culture by automated method 4. Mycobacterial culture by conventional method 5. Mycobacterial Sensitivity for MDR/XDR detection by conventional method ,Automated and Line Probe Assay with all the molecular back up 6. TB PCR The laboratory follows the biosaftey norms and has the required machinery like Class II Bio Safety Hood, \ CO2 incubator and proper molecular back up.

G. Mycology Laboratory: Over last year this laboratory has processed 1520 Clinical Sample, and doing following test on routine basis of all clinical samples

1. KOH mount 2. Indian Ink preparation for Cryptococcus 3. Fungal culture 4. Identification and sensitivity of all the clinically relevant fungal isolates.

It also has the necessary reference strains to carry out various tests in routine and for research purposes.

H. ICTC :The department of microbiology has a fully functional ICTC for HIV counseling and testing. The centre is recognized by NACO and is having a separate office with dedicated counselor, technician and all the facility required. Over last one year ICTC has counseled and tested on 8423 subjects taking all the legal and ethical aspect of HIV testing into consideration.

I. HIC laboratory: The department of Microbiology looks after the infection control practice of Chatrapati Shivaji Subharti Hospital and takes care of supervision of routine waste segregation and disposal. Surveillance of relevant quality indicators of the hospital is regularly done, under the supervision of Principal, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College. The hospital infection control committee takes classes and training activities of all the nursing and paramedical staff to ensure that knowledge of the staff is up to date, regarding infection control practice. Besides the infection control, the team is carrying out all the routine surveillance and Microbiological quality testing of all the operation theatres, intensive care units and all the required staffs. HICC has also prepared the antibiotic policy for reference by all physician of Chatrapati Shivaji Subharti Hospital, Meerut.