Forensic Medicine is a branch of Medical Science which enables doctors-

  • To deal various medicolegal situations in competent manner as in
  • 1. post mortem examination of sudden, unexpected, unnatural deaths or when person died in suspicious circumstances regarding cause and time passed since death
    2. examination & interpretation of various medicolegal cases including age, injuries, rape & alcoholic intoxication etc.
  • To practice medicine safe and graceful by imparting knowledge of Medical Ethics, etiquette and laws related to practice of medicine
  • To diagnose, treat and deal with the medicolegal implications of common poisons -Manage diagnosis, treatment & medico legal implications of common poisons

So that at the end of the course a medical student shall be able to:

  • Identify, examine and prepare reports & certificate in medicolegal cases/situation. with emphasis on maintenance of medicolegal registers, issuance of certificates of wound, drunkenness, death, sickness, fitness, ,age and sex related offences.
  • Perform medicolegal postmortem examination and interpret autopsy findings and results of other relevant investigations to logically conclude the cause, manner & time since death.
  • Preserve & dispatch specimens in medicolegal/postmortem cases and other concerned materials to appropriate govt. agencies for necessary examination.
  • Be conversant with medical ethics, etiquette, duties, rights, medical negligence and legal responsibility of the physicians towards patient, profession, society, state & humanity at large.
  • Be aware of relevant legal/court procedures applicable to medicolegal/medical practice.
  • Manage medicolegal implications, diagnosis and principles of therapy of common poisons.
  • Be aware of general principles of environmental, occupational and preventive aspects of toxicology.

The department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology in Subharti Medical College has been developed under the dynamic and experienced Headship of one of the stalwarts of Forensic Medicine, Dr. R. K. Sharma, Retd. Professor & Head of Forensic Medicine & Principal Medical College, Muzaffarpur and Director, Medical Education, Bihar. He was the first Head of the department. Afterwards, Dr. B. B. L. Agarwal, Retd. Professor& Head of Forensic Medicine and Principal, University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi joined the departmental team. Under the proficient guidance & supervision of such senior teachers, it developed as one of the finest department in medical colleges of Northern India.

We are also very lucky to have the blessings and encouragement of Dr. V. B. Sahai, a very senior and renowned faculty, teacher of teachers in Forensic Medicine as Director Subharti Institute of Medical Sciences and the Vice-Chancellor, Swami Vivekananda Subharti University, Meerut in the development of the department. He was Head of the dep’t. Of Forensic Medicine for more than 15 years at MLN Medical College Allahabad and also the Principal of Medical College Agra, Kanpur & Lucknow and Director General Medical Education, Uttar Pradesh and hence Subharti and the department has a strong foothold in Forensic Medicine.

At present A. K. Srivastava is the Head of the Department. He has an experience of about 30 years in teaching, research and Medicolegal works. He was Professor & Head at GSVM Medical College Kanpur, joined Subharti Medical College in 2006 after taking voluntary retirement.

A perfect manual for undergraduate students is formulated by Dr. Srivastava for giving practical orientation to the undergraduate students in medico legal & post-mortem examination. Post graduation (MD Forensic Medicine) is also started in 2011 after getting permission from MCI u/s 10A of the IMC Act, 1956 and 2 post graduate students are in the department. The department is also providing the medicolegal expertise to casualty and emergency services.